infelicitous & ungrammatical

"Snowflake" is a nasty fucking jab. It means "I refuse to interpret any of your behavior as sincere and insist that at some level everything you are is superficial performative affect and therefor invalid"

I want to feel an emotion that is not convenient or accessible to me right now because the living room is full of loud game nerds


I love you too, tiny brain kitten. 

non mentally ill people do sit around fetishizing bipolar because they’ve never known anyone who died that way, which is fucked up to deal with when you’re trying to write a character that way and they like. don’t know what they’re talking about. I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now tho so ummm

Gender: biking sweatily home from fabric heck singing along to nicki minaj in headphones and the cop pulls up to hear the ‘dick in your face’ part


gender: nicki minaj sweetly singing “put my dick on your face”

Dove isn’t that arson

Dove isn’t that arson


Purple Mohave Turquoise Gemstone Cabochon 


Purple Mohave Turquoise Gemstone Cabochon 

that shit right there is a touch of weird ass realism. who among us has not seen a dad wear a bathrobe all fucking day for no reason. my dad’s bathrobe is covered in huge comical polka dots and i have seen him climb on top of a firetruck in it. touchstone is the ur-dad.

dude i forgot that touchstone has this long bit in the castle fucking around doing kingly things in a bathrobe with two swords strapped on. is there fanart of that? someone draw me this absurd bathrobe dad 


like basically there is literally no way sirius could be out at home, and no way she’d trust any of the teachers (outside of McGonagall maybe, maybe) not to rat her out, so from like second through fifth year she’d have to be… secretly sleeping in the girls’ dorm, which means the castle knows and her dormmates know, and god knows gryffindors suck at secrets, so. hm. 

thinking real hard about how gender stuff would have to work at hogwarts around closeted trans kids

rereading Lirael is actually really annoying because of how similar she is to my sister (and my sister way over-identifies with her) and i’m just like reading this thinking furiously to myself “kid you just got done telling me that you refuse to talk to anyone in the cafeteria and now you’re telling me you’re sad no one’s talking to you in the cafeteria, literally what do you want. no, besides that, what else, omg." which…. is not helpful and basically where I’m going with this is that i identify with the dog a lot