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riker-wears-a-skant replied to your post “who wants to rp”

RP what?

i’m in the mood for marauders tbh

who wants to rp

okay i just spent forty minutes recovering an old gmail to recover the password to my livejournal that i made two months ago

and now i REALLY want to use the darn thing

i can’t remember my password to my livejournal role playing account, i am enraged 


By Bjorn Reibert


By Bjorn Reibert


remus ardently writes and reads fanfiction of A Certain Caliber, peter is vaguely aware of fanfiction but has only read like half of one that remus linked him one time before getting bored (remus keeps trying anyway) and possibly a couple bad crack fanfictions that make remus cringe but that peter finds hilarious, sirius makes fun of fanfiction most scathingly, james has accidentally read fanfiction once or twice without having any knowledge of the canon it was based on and concluded it was “not a bad read”

i love just sitting silently alone in my room thinking excitedly about rude dog wizards but also i think i need to close all my non-work tabs and go to a cafe and get about an hour of grad prep work done, so„„ leave me messages to come back to! 

i mean tbh i’m kind of still, what’s the method acting version of rp? 


remus never gets asks except from like sirius and peter. james gets a constant stream of really cheerful anons (even his hate anons are cheerful), and has long strings of anon conversations* where they give themselves nicknames and he just rolls with it and posts hundreds of reaction gifs**




negativecos a réagi à votre billet :sirius follows people without permission on…

i literally feel like im being summoned

i was waiting for you to find these posts

im here and alert and full of coffee and opinions


sirius black having an edgy gothic horror blog on tumblr dot com and refusing to tag for anything except sometimes when he reblogs a wolf there is a very small and lonely “#remus dont look” on it


remus makes That Kind of fanmix with the black and white artsy cover with a dozen overlays and like, dramatic music about sexy codependency or whatever. the ones with the descriptions like “☾ for those who want to devour the world ☽”


Twenty weeks old Gray wolf pups (Canis lupus) from the Sawtooth pack

Pictures by Jim and Jamie Dutcher